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Becky is the wife of Pastor Bradford Laubinger, and mother of Cherith, Tyce, Ceana, and Creed. Becky grew up in rural Missouri, where farming, DIY home maintenance and waving at your neighbor when you pass on the road were normal life. A stay-at-home mom for 13 years, Becky believes in protecting the family, and the vital role parents have in teaching the next generation how to thrive.

In addition to being the wife of a pastor and a mom, Becky has worked in the service industry, the school system, and was a church secretary.

Since 2014 she has served as the Executive Director of the Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center and Health Clinic nonprofit. She serves on the board of Alliance for Life Missouri and is very active at The First Baptist Church of Desloge where she teaches a women's Sunday School class, volunteers in children's programs, youth events, and the Upward Basketball program.

Over the years of caring for her family, and serving the community, Becky has seen the importance of values and responsibility not just talked about, but also lived out. 

When we-the-people fail to be responsible for ourselves, we surrender the opportunity to be free.


Protecting Life
Preserving Constitutional Freedoms Including the 2nd Amendment
Promoting Personal Responsibility and Common Sense Legislation 




"all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." - Declaration of Independance.
Knowing that our rights are given by our Creator rather than by popular opinion frees us to value all lives, not just some lives. It gives us the liberty to make the most of our talents and abilities to pursue peace and stability for ourselves and our families. 
Without the Creator we would be subject to the whims of those with the loudest voices. History shows that this can be a very destructive way for societies to live.



Backbone of Society

"In my time at the Parkland PRC, I have witnessed the chaos caused by broken families, but I have also experienced the joy that restoration of families brings. Intentional parents the bedrock keeping society from disaster. It is a source of identity and the values that shape our future. Healthy families heal nations."



Better Together

A sign of a good leader is someone who can inspire change, but a sign of a great leader is someone who serves their community to make change happen. I am on this Earth to serve God through serving others. Because of this I have committed my personal, work, and spiritual life to service. Whether it be moving diapers, teaching children's ministries, or helping cook community meals, service is an ongoing source of joy in my life.


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